ThunderClan's Homepage Edit

This is where you will find information about ThunderClan. To add your cat to the clan, PM the clan leader about joining or being born into the clan. They will give you further instructions from there.

Status~ Abandoned* Edit

The Cats Edit

Meet ThunderClan through it's cats. Get to know them by clicking any cat's name on the list and you will be taken to their biography page.

Leader Edit

ThunderClan's current leader is: Available**

Deputy Edit

ThunderClan's deputy is: Available**

Medicine Cat Edit

ThunderClan's current medicine cat is: Available**

Apprentice Edit

The medicine cat's apprentice is: Available**

Elders Edit

ThunderClan's elders are:


Warriors Edit

ThunderClan's warriors are:

Warrior-Apprentice(if any)


Queens Edit

ThunderClans queens are:

Queen-# of kits-kit's names


Apprentices Edit

ThunderClan's apprentices are:



Kits Edit

ThunderClan's kits are:



Asterisks Edit

*Join this clan to change this status.

**Join these positions first. Contact KraZKidMJCB before joining.

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